Ask These Plumber Interview Questions in Provo Before Hiring

Plumber writing on the notepad

Are you experiencing problems with your plumbing? Don’t assume that plumbing issues like slow drainage, leaking pipes, or perpetually clogged toilets will just go away. In fact, these things will likely get worse if left unattended for long. When you need expert plumbing service knowing what plumber interview questions to ask is important.

1. Are You Licensed?

Professional plumbers, whether they work independently or for a plumbing company, should be licensed. Do not hire a contractor who isn’t licensed because his work may not be sufficient to pass an inspection.

2. What Is the Total Cost of the Service?

If you’re being quoted for plumbing repairs, make sure you’re provided with the total cost of service, not just materials. Professional plumbers should provide a complete quote before beginning work in your home. Similarly, make sure to inquire about warranties.

3. Are You Insured?

Always ask potential professional plumbers if they are bonded and insured before hiring them for the job. It’s important to establish who will be responsible for accidents.

4. Who Is Responsible for Cleanup?
Take time to establish who is responsible for cleaning up once the work is completed. Under no circumstance should it ever be you? Always use this interview question with professional plumbers before hiring.

Looking for a Professional Plumber in Provo?

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