Common Problems with Old Plumbing in Springville

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Do you know when your plumbing was installed or last replaced in Springville, Utah? While you should never replace functional piping, older plumbing can cause problems. Proper care and timely repairs can prolong the lifespan of your system, but it won’t last forever. It’s important to know the signs that your plumbing needs repair or replacement. Contact a professional plumber if you notice any of the following symptoms in Springville.

Water Isn’t Clear

If you find that the water coming from your fixtures is darker in color or has a brownish tint, your pipes may be corroding. This occurs naturally over time, but should never be left unattended. Corrosion within your plumbing means rust is flowing with your water. This can cause clogs and, if left unchecked, will cause pipes to burst.

Foul Odor in Pipes

The water coming from your faucets should never have a foul odor. If you notice the development of nasty smells coming from your pipes, you should call a plumbing technician right away.

Mold or Water Damage

Pipes don’t always fail in a big way. Sometimes, small leaks can form and cause water damage and mold buildup. Check periodically for signs of leaking in closets, ceilings, and hallways. Unexplained water damage is typically a sign that you’ve got a hidden failure that requires plumbing repair or replacement.

Need Assistance with Your Plumbing in Springville?

Is your older plumbing system giving you trouble in Springville? It may be time for plumbing repair or replacement. Admiral Plumbing, Heating & Cooling of Provo, Utah, is here to assist with your plumbing needs. Our plumbers have the knowledge and experience required to get your water flowing like new. We also offer expert heating and cooling system services. Visit our website for information about our maintenance program or call at [company-phone id=1] to schedule a plumbing consultation in Springville.