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Signs of Blocked Drains: Understanding the Causes and Solutions

A sewer line is a big pipe that collects all the dirty water from your sinks, toilets, and other drains in your house. It connects to the main sewer line or a septic tank. If there is a blockage in the sewer line, it will affect all the drains in your home.

Unfortunately, drain backups will cause water to come back into your house. This can especially be dangerous when it affects the sewer line, causing sewer backups with the water. These backups can lead to big messes and costly damage if not treated properly. The best way to ensure your drains are clear is to have your drains serviced.

Many signs can indicate problems with the drains. Be aware of these signs so that you can take action immediately.

Slow Drains

Slow drains can be one of the first signs that you may have a drain blockage. A drain cleaning may be necessary to get rid of hair, toilet paper, wipes, or even objects that were mistakenly put down drains. Soap scum, skin flakes, grease or oils, and food particles can all leave sediment in the drainpipe that builds up over time. However, sometimes slow drains can be a sign that there is a clog deeper down the water lines.

As a pro tip, even if you have a garbage disposal, resist the urge to put food down the sink. The garbage disposal system acts as a backup plan, it does not mean food is meant to be put down the sink!

Little actions can be taken to prevent minor drain backups. Be cautious about what goes in and near your drains. As always, Admiral is here to help with all your drain repairs.

Strange Sounds From Drains

If you hear gurgling noises when you flush a toilet or drain a sink, it means there is a problem with the drainage system.

Vent pipes help to bring fresh air into the drainage pipes, allowing water to flow smoothly from toilets, sinks, and showers. When these systems are not balanced properly, they can cause plumbing problems in your home. If a vent pipe is clogged, the gas that is trying to escape will have to make its way back up the drain pipe. This will come with a gurgling sound and an unpleasant smell.

A p-trap is a curved pipe that is under sinks designed to block unpleasant smells from entering through your drains. It works by trapping a small amount of water in the pipe to block gases. If your p-trap is damaged, unpleasant odors and gurgling noises will come from the drains. A plumbing repair can solve these problems. Call Admiral Plumbers in the Salt Lake City area.

If you have a collapsed or damaged pipe, you may hear noises from water or wind flowing out of it. It's important to seek help from a professional to replace the damaged equipment

Homes Built Before 1980

Older homes often have sewer lines that are made of materials that break down over time. Some develop issues such as leaks and tree root intrusions. As time passes, the ground can settle, causing bellies in the line. Those bellies slow the flow of water allowing waste and debris to collect and create blockages.

The pipes in older homes were made of galvanized steel, lead, or ceramic clay. These pipes are not suitable for everything that is going down the drain. They aren’t able to withstand the pressure of the roots in the ground. PVC or ABS, which are thin-walled plastic pipes, are now used for drain pipes

In older homes that have the original piping, it is important to have a camera inspection before performing any drain cleanings. The reason for this is that the drain repair tools are strong and can be stronger than the current pipes. We do not want a pipe burst to occur. By having a camera inspection, plumbers see what the main cause of the drain blockage is in the sewer line. By performing a camera inspection, major excavation projects can be prevented. Our plumbing experts can then perform a sewer line repair to fix any issues that may be occurring.

Old pipes can sometimes be protected with sewer pipe liners! The liners are a temporary way of using your old pipes for longer. Admirals plumbing services will perform a free estimate to see if sewer pipe liners will work for your home's sewage pipes.

Water Going Places it Shouldn’t

When water starts appearing where it shouldn't, such as in your bathtub when you are draining your sink, or in a floor drain when a toilet has been flushed. Your main sewer line may be restricted or blocked.

If water or sewage is backing up in the lowest point of the home, avoid using any water or flushing any toilets until a plumber arrives to fix the problem.

All the drains in your home come together and connect to the main sewer line, which then leads to the city's sewer system. If there's any blockage or restriction in the main sewer line, the water has no choice but to flow back into your house. Play it safe by having Admirals Plumbing Services perform a drain cleaning and service.

Clear drains prevent issues from happening. Clear drains will help with flood prevention, sewage backup, and additional costs from major repairs. You can be prepared by frequently having your drains checked and cleaned. Ask our technicians about Sump Pumps to learn how preventative measures can save you and your family from flooding problems.

While you are taking preventative measures on your drains, it's also a good time to check your ac. Ac tuneups can prevent major air conditioning repairs. Check your heating and cooling to stay cool in the summer. Parts like circuit boards, blower motors, flame sensors, heating air, and condensing coils should be checked regularly.

Admiral also performs hot water heater maintenance, water heater installation, tankless water heaters, electric water heaters, and provides many types of water heaters. Admiral services air conditioner and furnace repairs, and much more. Admiral is energy efficient and is here to help you!

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