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HVAC tune-up, HVAC maintenance, Air conditioner diagnosis, Cool air vitals check


Regular air conditioner tune-ups are essential to ensure your AC unit is running efficiently. Schedule a tune up to reap the benefits of an AC tune-up service and why it's important for the longevity of your cooling system.

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Our HVAC tune-up technicians can service any brand of air conditioner. If you have not serviced your air conditioner yet this year, call today and save.

Manufacturers recommend having your air conditioner inspected and maintained by a properly trained technician at least once a year. Admiral developed our air conditioner tune-up to do just that.

We have an HVAC maintenance department and all they do is perform these annual services. These air conditioner tune-ups are different than an air conditioner diagnosis in that it’s usually performed on an air conditioner that’s already working.

Our HVAC tune-up technicians come to your home and go through your air conditioning system top to bottom. They check all the vital components and make sure everything is running properly. They will answer any questions you have, document their findings and leave you with a full written report. If there are any parts that are showing signs of wear or that could fail during the air conditioning season, they will make recommendations.



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